Dear students,

Today, Monday 3rd we will get the most out of the possibility of having 2 consecutive class periods in the computer lab.
That means you will be working with your partner in Project 1- How things are made

By the end of these 2 periods you are going to:

a) gather all the necessary information concerning the production process of the object you chose.
b) print the above information
c) write the introduction of your project (when and where was your object first made and by whom). You should write this in your copybook or on a word document. I will check it before going to lunch.
d) start writing the stages of the production process (in passive voice), I will be going round to help you with this step.
d) by lunch time you should have written at least 2 of the 6 stages

Be productive and don't forget to TRY YOUR BEST in whatever you are doing.

Ma'am Patricia